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2018 Snohomish County Amateur Championship - May 26, 27 & 28
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2017 Snohomish County Amateur


Entries Received as of:  Friday, May 26 at 9:00 am


Total Players - 81

Note: Handicaps as of May 15, 2017 will be used.


Final List


Alphabetical List


1Chris Bae, Legion Memorial1.1
2Doug Barlow, Echo Falls8.9
3Connor Bayha, SuperRange4.7
4Kevin Beavers, Harbour Pointe+1.12015 & 2016 Champion
5Patrick Boag, Everett G & CC1.1
6Jordan Brajcich, Mill Creek0.8
7Jerry Browning, Legion Memorial9.8
8Michael Burlison, Snohomish0.7
9Jason Calamaro, Legion Memorial0.5
10Ty Cannon, Legion Memorial1.5
11Ethan Casto, Snohomish+0.3
12Roman Catli, Harbour Pointe16.4
13Scott Chambard, SuperRange5.7
14Brandon Dale, Walter Hall6.3
15Nick Dammann, Snohomish8.7
16Tom Desmarais, Legion Memorial18.0
17Duane Diede, Everett G & CC1.9
18Brendan Doheny, Walter Hall9.8
19Tom Douglas, Everett G & CC19.0
20Austin Duffy, Legion Memorial3.2
21Brett Engstrom, Walter Hall5.6
22Sean Fitzpatrick, Pro Golf - Lynnwood+2.2
23David Forhan, Legion Memorial13.1
24Rowan Foxley, Everett G & CC+0.7
25Dan Frost, Jorgensen6.2
26Floyd Gale, Snohomish13.2
27Chris Giesker, Walter Hall1.4
28Greg Guest, Walter Hall12.6
29Eric Haechrel, Snohomish6.2
30David Hansen, Pro Golf - Lynnwood3.2
31Ken Harris, SuperRange1.2
32Chris Hatch, Harbour Pointe+2.4
33Ben Headland, Legion Memorial8.5
34Steven Howell, Snohomish7.1
35James Iazeolla, Everett G & CC6.3
36Harrison Jewell, SuperRange8.1
37Ian Johnson, Walter Hall8.1
38Mark Johnson, Jorgensen4.9
39Andrew Kaemingk, Gleneagle3.6
40Andrew Kephart, Walter Hall8.7
41Lance Kilbride, Harbour Pointe1.82010 Champion
42Christian Kim, Everett G & CC9.8
43Matthew Kornegay, Harbour Pointe+0.7
44Josef Koznek, Legion Memorial0.0
45Alvin Kwak, Everett G & CC+2.2
46Steve Laue, Lynnwood8.9
47Stephen Lee, SuperRange0.12009 Champion
48TJ Lewis, Legion Memorial2.2
49Paul Lill, Legion Memorial17.1
50Van Luu, Legion Memorial12.3
51Steve Maldonado, Walter Hall8.2
52Andrew Martin, Everett G & CC2.4
53James McGuire, Walter Hall17.2
54Ethan Merritt, Snohomish8.6
55Larry Montgomery, Legion Memorial8.7
56Mike Nikolas, Legion Memorial8.3
57Josh O'Connor, Battle Creek5.0
58Drew Preston, Cedarcrest3.2
59Silas Puetz, Harbour Pointe9.4
60Alex Raynor, Battle Creek3.0
61Stephen Reed, Jorgensen15.8
62Kale Reynolds, SuperRange+4.0
63Jacob Rohde, Legion Memorial+1.0
64Cody Roth, Harbour Pointe+1.7
65Nick Rothrock, Gleneagle5.6
66Martin Seguin, Walter Hall5.3
67Jerry Slind, Snohomish4.0
68Tyler Spalti, Everett G & CC1.7
69Alex Stamey, Everett G & CC0.22000, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2013 Champion
70Mick Stocker, Everett G & CC2.3
71Tyler Stocker, Everett G & CC4.2
72Mark Strickland, Harbour Pointe+1.0
73Darrell Stubblefield, Snohomish14.5
74Ben Thacker, Legion Memorial3.0
75Todd Tibke, Snohomish+0.11987, 1988, 1999, 2001 Champion
76Dominic VanDaveer, Snohomish0.8
77Jerry Wabey, Jorgensen14.0
78Bob Wallin, Battle Creek10.0
79Mark White, Harbour Pointe4.7
80Brian Wimer, Legion Memorial7.5
81Ace Younggren, Echo Falls4.5